Boutique Real Estate Investment Company

CashFlowing Properties Group (CFP Group) is a Canadian boutique real estate investment company that strives to provide investors with high-value, stable, and secure real estate investment opportunities.

Over 45 Years of Combined Experience

We are a group of active real estate investors with over 45 years of combined experience. We put that knowledge and expertise to work for you.

We work with people who:

Are looking to get started investing in real estate

Are looking to diversify their portfolio with an investment that provides a stable secondary cashflow

Are not satisfied with their current investment portfolio

Investment in Real Estate

Navigating the real estate market as a newly minted investor can be intimidating at first. At CFP Group, we can help you find the perfect property and investment strategy.

With our Buy and Hold investment strategy, we help you find a house that is renovated for you. Tenants are then placed, and you start collecting rent that pays for all property-related expenses, while the value of the property continues to appreciate and the mortgage balance is reduced. This can include a legal duplex conversion to create a secondary living space in the property.

Rent to Own is a solid option for investors looking for short term (1-4 year) investments in real estate.  CFP Group finds would-be home owners in need.  And CFP Group fully manages your Rent to Own investment property for you.We can also help you invest in the US real estate market using different strategies, including Airbnb in areas where houses are most likely to appreciate. Investing in the US market is a great way to diversify your portfolio and mitigate risk.

If you want to participate in larger scale real estate projects, we can assist you in finding one where you will become a partner in a company that operates and manages the project.


Investment in Mortgages

Investing in mortgages is one of the most stable, secure, and lucrative ways you can invest your money in real estate.

By investing in a mortgage, you can essentially “be” the bank, lending money in the form of a first or second mortgage to a third party to help covering the costs of construction, renovations, or debt consolidation. Either through Direct Lending or Investing in Syndicated Financing, investing in mortgages is generally a lower-risk, as the subject property is pledged as collateral.An additional benefit of investing in mortgage is that you can use registered funds (RRSP, RESP, TFSA) for this option – either deferring or not paying income tax on earned income.


Property Buy and Sell

CFP Group assists investors with all aspects of the purchasing or selling of their properties. To learn more about this service please visit

Mortgage Financing

CFP Group provides traditional mortgage financing services – borrowing to buy property. If you need this service, please visit

Rent to Own Program

We help people who want to buy a home, but also need to re-establish their credit. If you want to buy a property now, but are unable to get a mortgage from the bank or do not have the sufficient funds for a downpayment, our “Untenant” Rent to Own Program could be for you.

In a Rent to Own program, we buy a house for you, while you live in it as a tenant-buyer. Over the course of the Rent to Own Contract (term varies based on your circumstances and can range 1-4 years), you pay us monthly rent, while you live in the home and rebuild your credit rating. Once you are approved for a bank mortgage at the end of your program, you simply buy your house from us!

Project/Development Funding

If you are a real estate developer and you want to find new, quality investors for small to medium scale construction or housing projects, CFP Group can help.

With our contacts, we can connect you with active and passive investors who are looking for real estate investment opportunities. Through Fund Raising strategies, such as Syndicated Financing or Equity Partnerships, you will be able to find financing for your project.


Are real estate prices going up or down? What are the latest mortgage rules and how do they impact investors? Which investment strategy should I use? Where do I invest now?

If you are asking yourself these questions and want to be active in real estate market, we can help. CFP Group offers a tailor made individual consulting program.



How to Avoid Mistakes When Investing in Real Estate

Are you interested in Real Estate Investing? Read this FREE guide and learn about the biggest Mistakes you need to Avoid. It will help you saving thousands of dollars of you hard earned money!


I’ve recommended CFP Group to my brother,
my friends, and anyone who is looking to get a start in their investment career by adding a strong, smart, and safe buy to their portfolio. It’s my pleasure to rave about everyone at CFP Group.

Alex K

Toronto, ON

Thanks to the knowledge, patience and listening of CFP Group, I was able to do the first steps, take the decision and start investing. Their integrity and pure intention to assist others reaching their goals is very helpful to me.

Yael M.

Thornhill, ON

Our Methods

We find investment opportunities by utilizing our strong network of strategic partners

We personally manage each investment and property to increase their cashflow potential

We source creative financing options to maximize the profits of our investors

We strive to find real estate opportunities that will provide a stable and secure return on investment