CashFlowing Properties Group

Who Are We?

Cashflowing Properties Group (CFP Group) is a Canadian boutique real estate investment firm focused on providing private investors with high yielding real estate opportunities.

When you first step into the world of real estate investing, it can be nerve wracking. Most beginners don’t fully understand how the real estate market works. The thing is, getting started on your own can be an intimidating task, preventing many people from making their first deal. The best way to start investing in real estate is to partner up with experienced professionals, who can mentor and guide you throughout the process.

With a combined investing experience of more than 45 years, CFP Group operates with an extensive network of strategic partners to source secure and profitable real estate investment projects. As active real estate investors ourselves, we know the industry, what works, what doesn’t, and how to convert a potential real estate project into an extraordinary wealth accumulating opportunity.

What Makes Us Different

Relationships are key when investing in real estate.

CFP Group has developed long-term relationships with our investors, allowing us to match them with the best opportunity for their investment goals. Every investor has their own unique dreams, objectives and desires. It’s our job to help them achieve those dreams by providing them with an unmatched level of expertise and personalized service. If our investors have any questions or wish to learn more about a certain topic, we promise to provide them with answers.

No two investors are alike. Each has their own risk profile, investment knowledge, expertise and financial situation. We work with each investor, helping them craft a customized investment strategy that fits their unique needs.

Our bottom line is the bottom line of our investors, their interests align with our interests. We are constantly working with our network of strategic partners to source investment opportunities and help them build a portfolio they can be proud of.

Our Principles

To always put the interests of our investors and clients first

To introduce the real estate investing principles to our investors and assist them in building wealth

To educate our investors on the ins and outs of investing in real estate

To apply professional due diligence to every project and investment opportunity

To help those who want to buy a home but cannot do it today due to lack of down payment

To advise our clients about responsible risk taking and investment management

To continue developing and growing in the real estate industry and financial sector

To create a customized investment strategy for every client and execute on it

What Our Clients Say about Us

Taking everything I learned from CFP Group, last week I took a big step and bought another investment property in St. Catharines. If you’re clueless about mortgages and the best TFSA investing strategies, the team at CFP Group are the ones you want to contact. Thank you for your support and for opening the door of real estate investing for me.

Stephen L.

Brampton, ON

Thank you for helping us purchasing our first property! We’re excited to see the return on our investment and we could have not done it without the support of CFP Group!

Ilya K.

Thornhill, ON