Project / Development Funding

Project / Development Funding

Finding investors to help finance construction projects can be an extremely difficult task for a developer or builder. For starters, you’re going to need initial capital to purchase land. Then there are the costs of development. Finally, even after you arranged a loan to cover construction costs, you may still lack the cash to fund additional soft costs, such as: management, marketing, sales commissions, and more.

If this is the case, you may need to seek alternative ways to fund you project. The best alternative is to attract the interest of private investors. These investors could in turn become lenders or equity partners for the construction project.

How We Can Help

Through our extensive network of business partners, we can help match you to both active and passive investors. In other words, we will do the hard work and find the perfect investor for you.

Potential investors can be individuals looking to break into the real estate investment market and are eager to collaborate with developers on large-scale projects. The investment options could include Syndicated Financing or Equity Partnerships. We can convey to potential investors the value of your project and calculate the kind of return on investment they should expect.

Our experience in working with real estate investors, our knowledge of the market and being real estate investors ourselves, puts us in the perfect position to offer advice and council to both new investors and project developers alike. Think of us as the matchmakers, we connect you with investors looking to work on a project just like yours. Throughout this process, we work with both parties to ensure both the investors and developers are 100% satisfied.