For people who want to learn how to actively invest in real estate or want to expand their expertise in real estate investing, CFP Group offers experienced professional coaching and mentoring.

By utilizing the core real estate investment strategies, we help you build a personalized real estate investing strategy and plan and assist you in the execution of it.

Here is a simple breakdown of what you can expect:

  1. We help you select the investment strategies that fit your profile.
  2. We set goals with an exit strategy or end target in mind then build you a personalized plan of action.
  3. We assist with the corporate structure if you need to create a corporation or plan on purchasing real estate using an existing one.
  4. We evaluate the pros and cons of cross-border real estate investing (where applicable).
  5. We advise and analyze your current deals.
  6. We introduce you to our network of trusted professionals, whom we personally use for any aspect of our own real estate investment business.

Being active real estate investors ourselves, we are always on top of the financial options and products available on the market and can assist with creating a proper strategy that will match the needs of every client.

Next Steps

If acquiring a successful real estate investment portfolio is something you would like to achieve, there is no better opportunity than getting advice from a professional who has done it already.

To help you with the next steps in real estate investing we at CFP Group offer a complimentary 15 minutes phone consultation to assist to evaluate the coaching and mentoring suitability.



We've put together a detailed report on how to avoid the eight biggest mistakes beginner investors make!

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