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Tips for Secondary Suite Conversion: Basement Apartment Investment

We discuss advantages of creating the legal secondary suites.

Secondary Suites: What you need to know about Conversion Advantages

We present the advantages of secondary suites in numbers


I felt the need to share my experience in working with the CFP Group team on a legal duplex conversion in Barrie. Over the years, I’ve worked on a lot of deals, making a ton of offers and even more mistakes.

The true value of those experiences has been that I’ve learned to only work alongside professionals who care. The CPF Group team put me and my interests first from the very beginning. They were always available for any length of time to educate me on topics ranging from “rent to own” properties to investing in US real estate from Canada. If there were any last-minute changes made to a deal, they would patiently walk me through them.

What’s more, they did all of this before receiving a dime from me. Whether you’re dealing with issues of lending, borrowing to invest, or cashflow concerns, it’s great to have the security knowing that you’ll be buying the same deals that the pros at CFP Group would buy. I would recommend CFP Group to my brother, my friends, and anyone who is looking to get a start in their investment career by adding a strong, smart, and safe buy to their portfolio.

It’s my pleasure to rave about everyone at CFP Group. Thanks and happy investing!

Alex K

Toronto, ON

Thank you for helping us purchasing our first property! We’re excited to see the return on our investment and we could have not done it without the support of CFP Group!

Ilya K.

Thornhill, ON

Thanks to the knowledge, patience and listening of CFP Group, I was able to do the first steps, take the decision and start investing. Their integrity and pure intention to assist others reaching their goals is very helpful to me.

Yael M.

Thornhill, ON

Constantly innovating, this team excels in
identifying safe and reliable investment vehicles. They support and teach their clients about tricky concepts like second mortgages and the best cities for Airbnb investments, so they know exactly what needs to be done.

There are no rush decisions with CFP Group, everything is thoroughly evaluated and checked with safety buffers built in. By sharing their wisdom and knowledge, CPF Group helped me overcoming the fear of real estate investing. Their personal touch and shared knowledge helped me bring real estate investing into my “comfort zone”.

Slava Z.

Philadelphia, USA

Taking everything I learned from CFP Group,

last week I took a big step and bought another investment property in St. Catharines. If you’re clueless about mortgages and the best TFSA investing strategies, the team at CFP Group are the ones you want to contact.

Thank you for your support and for opening the door of real estate investing for me.

Stephen L.

Brampton, ON

I had a great experience working with

CFP Group and will continue to work with them. We initially set our goals and objectives and they worked hard to deliver on those to achieve my targets.

I would recommend CFP Group to anyone who is seeking to building wealth with passive income and wants to be financially free.

Clyde F.

Toronto, ON