“RAS Developments Inc has partnered with CFP Group to raise capital for 3 Arizona projects. They were professional, dedicated, and delivered on their commitment. A very good capital partner.”

Lorne Wallace

President, RAS Developments Inc.

“What is unique about CFP Group is their vision and ability to see the goldmine in projects most others would pass on. Their understanding of the development process gives them added value and allows them to make quick investment decisions. They have strong relationship with their investors base, and their word is their bond. A real pleasure to work with Ronny and Michael – looking forward for many more successful projects together!”

Larry Miller

President and CEO, Matrix Equities

“Partnering with CFP Group on our development site has been tremendous. Their attention to detail and governance is worth noting and they always put shareholder interest first! We would definitely recommend CFP Group to other deal sponsors.”

Aaron Meckler

Chief Financial Officer, Amuka Group of Companies

“Ronny and Michael, you are not only business partners but also good friends. I am appreciative of the hard work and of what we have done together…”

Jordan Taylor

Chief Financial Officer, True North Studio

“As a development partner on some of CFP Group’s larger projects in Phoenix, we appreciate the hard work and enthusiasm they put into their deals. With a variety of factors impacting the potential success of a project – location, product type, market timing – we value having a financial partner who shares in our foresight.”

Douglas Edgelow

Owner, Equus Group

Michael is friendly, professional and a warm person. He helped me with my first real estate investment all the steps of the way, making advice and answering all my questions. I have known Michael for more than 30 years and absolutely trust him. If you are looking to invest in real estate look no further.

Alex Feldman, New York, USA

I recommend Michael to anyone looking into investing in real estate. Prior to meeting him, all we knew about real estate investing was buy-to-rent, his knowledge and experience were eye opening, we are truly impressed with his approach.

Claudia Hromei, Toronto, Canada

Great working with Michael. Very professional and honest.

Sergiy Popov, Toronto, Canada

Always ready to help and I really enjoy working with Michael and Ronny

Dmitry Rudoy, Toronto, Canada

I know Michael since 2018. His approach to real estate investing is very unique and completely different from everything I have seen so far. He really cares about his clients and projects, and always going “an extra mile” to reduce the investor’s risk, to educate about real estate and to answer all investors questions. I personally invested in two of Michael’s commercial real estate projects and hopefully will invest more in other projects in the future. Seeing as Michael managing various projects at their different phases and following his track record, gives me a peace of mind and allows me to sleep well, knowing that my investments are in good hands. I strongly recommend considering to do business with Michael and CFP Group to anyone looking into real estate investing.

Arkady Alperovitch, Toronto, Canada

I know Michael a long time ago as a very knowledgeable and dedicated person. When switching to Real Estate area Michael works very hard to help people to succeed, to make the right decisions. The successful investment brings satisfaction to Michael and to his clients. I wish Michael a big success in all his projects and recommend his current and new clients to be a part of this success!

Alex Mezhiborsky, Toronto, Canada

Michael has been great to work with. Very helpful and informative. Looking forward to participating in many more projects with CFP Group in the future!

Ilan Levitin, Toronto, Canada

I’ve invested with Michael in several projects. I’m very impressed with Michael’s professionalism and knowledge in Real Estate Invest-ments. Looking forward for next project.

Michael Portnoy, Toronto, Canada

I have invested a few times in Real Estate together with Michael. I can say with confidence that Michael has a vast knowledge in real estate, he is dedicated, passionate and very patient. He explains the market, the opportu-nity and the risks. I am in good hands when investing with Michael. High standard of professional know-how, integrity and strategic thinking are all part of his tool set. Highly recommended!

Dan Stramer, Toronto, Canada

Innovative approach to real estate. Reasonable risk levels. Great returns. I personally visited the city in USA where the recent investment opportunities are being realized. It is all TRUE. It WORKS. Looking forward to continuing working together with Michael and his partner. And highly recommend him to new investors.

Igor Voron, Toronto, Canada

I have known Michael for several years now and I can assure you that If you are thinking to invest in Real Estate in Canada or USA, and looking for a knowledge-able and honest professional who will listen to you, answer all your questions and will guide you step by step with a smile on his face, you should definitely contact Michael. I am impressed by his willingness to help others to achieve their goals and to take their life to the next level.

Alex Fridman, Toronto, Canada

I’ve known Michael as a real estate investor for close to a decade. His deep knowledge, integrity and high personal, professional and ethical standards have always impressed me. The projects he recommends are always carefully selected, and well thought out and analyzed. I have no hesitation in referring Michael to anyone looking to build and increase their wealth through real estate investments.

Arkady Burdo, Toronto, Canada

I felt the need to share with you my experience in working with Michael and his team on a bungalow / duplex conversion in Barrie, Ontario. I’ve looked at a ton of deals, made a ton of offers and even more mistakes. The true value I have received, is working alongside professionals who care. Michael and his team have put me before themselves from the beginning. Being available for any length of time to educate, being patient with me as we work through changes that come up and doing all of this before receiving a dime from me. What’s great is having the security of buying a deal that these pros would buy. I would recommend CFP Group to my brother, my friends or anyone looking to either get a strong start in their investment career or to add a strong, smart and safe buy to their portfolio.

Alex Kouramanis, Toronto, Canada

I have known Michael for several years, he is a very knowledgeable person who strives for success and excellence in everything he does. After only several years of real estate investing, he was able to make it his full-time occupation and now he is helping others in creating wealth. If learning about Real Estate investing is something you want to master, I would definitely recommend getting to know Michael.

Oren Hisherik, Toronto, Canada

Michael and his team lead CFP Group to a new era with professionalism, knowledge and care. Very inspiring group!

David Zaltsman, Toronto, Canada

I highly recommend working with Michael. Michael is providing top customer care, with great attention to the details.

Ori Schor, Israel

I really like that precise, clear and professional attitude, both Michael and Rony have. I like the projects these guys are managing and definitely hope for more collaboration in the future. Keep up the good work!

Lev Kusman, Toronto, Canada

I love the professionalism and expertise that Michael and Ronny have, I did participate in a few of the events that they hosted, and I enjoyed every moment. I recommend this company for any Real Estate investment or advice that you need

Joelle Gold, Toronto, Canada

Michael is helping me with the new investment approach. I recognize Michael’s skills, vision and passion for his job! I am hoping to continue working together!

Julian Rodriguez Silva, Toronto, Canada

Michael is one of the smartest, most caring and determined individuals I know. Having the opportunity to work or interact with him is a true blessing, as his focus on people and delivering value are truly exceptional.

Eduardo Reyes, Toronto, Canada

Meeting Michael and partnering with him and is team has created a wealth opportunity that not only supported our capital investments strategies for today and the future. It also supported me and my partners with real estate portfolio we own. What I value most in Michael is the standard of his authenticity and the level of integrity where we are informed, kept updated along the way and always open to share the knowledge back up with thoroughly verified resources from expert. Give him a call and experience it for yourself. You’ll be happy that you’ve done it!

Rene Veilleux, Montreal, Canada

As a first-time investor, it has been a privilege to have someone I trust like Michael to guide me through the process and to answer all of my questions along the way. He always takes the time to provide me with the detailed information I request. I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings in real estate investment!

Ivanka Burazin, Toronto, Canada

Michael is a highly valuable source of expertise when it comes to the real estate industry. His strategic thinking anticipates the most sophisticated and unexpected business development. He understands the value of time and is able to balance the risks efficiently. His communication skills are outstanding. By turning complex things simple he opens the opportunities for those with no background in the field. His patience and ability to listen makes him very easy to deal with.

Roman Guskov, Melbourne, Australia

I have known Michael for over a year. In this short span of time I have realized Michael is dedicated, passionate and very knowledgeable about real estate. This passion is leading him on a path of tremendous success through real estate.

Clyde Fernandes, Toronto, Canada

Michael is a great person to learn from and to follow a great example of success when related to Real Estate Investing. A person who stopped being a trader (sell his time for money) one day is worth a gazillion of appreciation. That is exactly what real estate vehicle can bring when you work smart. Michael’s willingness to share and help others achieve their financial goals reveals true professionalism. He tamed his luck! My pleasure working and partnering with you.

Dalia Bazyte, Toronto, Canada

I first met Michael when I was researching opportuni-ties in different business projects. After working with him I realized that his vision is well conceived. Michael knows Real Estate. He knows it from the investment and acquisition phases, and he knows it through the construction and sale process. He has the ability to motivate the team. Able to concentrate on the strategic plan: simply put he gets it done; a talent required of senior leadership! In addition to his business strength, his common-sense approach to marketing and branding is second to none and it is a major talent. I would highly recommend Michael for any endeavour he is involved in.

Emmanuel Ancheta, Toronto, Canada

Michael has multiple years of experience as a real estate investor which he gained by hard work and implementation of various real estate investment strategies across multiple markets. He has great people skills, a lot of patience and genuine desire to help people achieve their financial goals through investing in real estate

Ilya Kharlab, Toronto, Canada